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Programmes and Themes

As part of its programme of events and activities, the Society is developing a number of lecture series and some special themes that support the world of learning.  These include:

Lecture series 

  • Frontiers
    Frontiers is a lecture series in which distinguished academics are invited to speak about the frontiers of research and to place their own contributions in context.


  • Anniversaries
    Anniversaries is a series of lectures, each associated with an anniversary, in which distinguished academics are invited to reflect on or celebrate a person or event.


  • Energy
    The Society will organise events and activities to explore the complex and important subject of energy from a variety of standpoints.


  • Invention, innovation and change
    At the heart of our understanding of change is the interplay between the technical, commercial and social aspects of inventions, innovations and improvements, products and markets, government policies, technical education and individual practices.  The Society will organise events and actions to explore these fundamentals of the “knowledge economy”.


  • History of science and technology 
  • In what is arguably the first industrial nation, the history and heritage of Wales in science and technology is little known and neglected. Yet Wales and its people have played a substantial role in the growth of scientific knowledge and its application. The Society will organise events to develop the history of science and technology and its appreciation, in general, and the Welsh scientific and technological heritage, in particular.


  • The Universities
    Universities are central to the development of the modern world.  Expectations of higher education from individuals, businesses and governments increase and sometimes conflict.  The global question arises: What are Universities for?  The Society will organise events that explore the societal, economic and cultural nature and role of Universities.


The Society is open to proposals from academics and others, in Wales and more widely, for lectures, symposia and other events and activities that will support or develop its thematic Programme.